Entertainment News Pop: Louis Tomlinson Pulls A Tom Cruise In One Direction's New Best Song Ever Teaser! Watch HERE!

by Wochit 1:07 mins

One Direction won't be happy until everyone in the world is pumped for the release of their Best Song Ever music video- even Les Grossman! We never saw it before, but Louis Tomlinson bears a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise Topic Thunder character? After teasing fans all week long with snippets of a new single, One Direction finally released the full and complete version of "Best Song Ever". The new song will be featured in One Direction's documentary new film, This is Us. Harrison Ford has always been tired of hearing about his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones but he's at least figured out how to deal with the questions. When a fan said he dreamed about being Indiana Jones as a child before asking a question, Ford had a trhoughtful reply. "You know, you and I have a lot in common. I used to dream about being Indiana Jones when I was younger. Not so much anymore."

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