Entertainment News Pop: Mariah Carey is HILARIOUS in New Blooper Video!

by Wochit 1:19 mins

Recently, Mariah Carey has been extra-awesome to her adoring fans, posting a ton of health updates, and even giving admirers a sneak peek at a new song! This time, the melodic singer uploaded a hilarious blooper reel to her Youtube channel for all to enjoy!! There's a new Harper headed to Two and a Half Men, and she's going to be a whirlwind of awesome! Rumors have been swirling for the past few months about what the illegitimate daughter of deceased Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) will be like and now finally there's some answers. Two and a Half Men's newest recurring character, will be sexy, gorgeous and gay. Lorre says that they are more focused on finding a talented actress and less worried about fining a female doppleganger of Sheen. "You never cast for looks, you cast for acting. Acting, acting, acting," Lorre stresses. Just days after Katy Perry announced her fourth studio album, news of the breakout single for her upcoming record, Prism, has surfaced. According to a press release posted on music forum Pop Justice, the song ? titled "Roar" ? will be released on the radio August 9 with its iTunes sales date slated for August 13.

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