Jay-Z News Pop: Jay-Z Still Has Beef With Robert De Niro

by Wochit 0:58 mins

Seems Jay-Z is still holding his grudge against Robert De Niro. He put the actor on blast during a live radio interview. Jay-Z is breaking some serious ground today! The Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper has officially ventured into the live art arena, currently setting up shop at Manhattan's Pace Gallery to perform his new track Picasso Baby for SIX hours straight ? much like The National did at the MoMa last May ? Hova has taken to center stage, with cameras ready to reportedly document the entire performance and later compile it into the track?s music video! 50 Cent has weighed in about Jay-Z's landmark deal where he released his album early through Samsung, saying "You can't be afraid of change. I think the old way of doing things is not gonna work, but then you gotta create a plan for a new way. How are you gonna do it?"

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