Jay-Z News Pop: Jay-Z Tops British Album Chart for First Time

by Wochit 1:12 mins

Rapper Jay-Z has reached the top of the British album charts for the first time with his new release "Magna Carta...Holy Grail",knocking the English folk rock band Mumford & Sons off the number one spot, It seems there?s only so much RiRi's famous mentor Jay-Z can do when it comes to advising her on matters of the heart. The rapper recently hit up Hot 97?s The Angie Show for an interview regarding his new music. The Brooklyn native also opened up about Chris and Rihanna?s questionable romance. When asked, he said: ?That?s not my place I can?t control the outcome of her life. I can?t intervene.? Jay then added: ?I can give advice, if asked, you know, and that?s it. I can provide information, and then life has to play out. Life has to happen.? For all his talk about 99 problems, Jay-Z's life looks pretty close to perfect from where we sit. He's a prolific and admired rapper and record producer, a wildly successful entrepreneur and businessman, he hobnobs with the President?and then he comes home to wife Beyonc? and baby Blue Ivy. Not too shabby!

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