Movies News Pop: Tom Hanks Transforms Into Walt Disney In 'Saving Mr. Banks'

by Wochit 0:55 mins

Tom Hanks will play Walt Disney in the upcoming movie 'Saving Mr. Banks' ,which is scheduled to be released December 20th. Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills will have its world premiere when it opens Fantastic Fest 2013 in Austin. The film will screen Sept. 19 with Rodriguez and stars Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega in attendance. Actress Rachael Leigh Cook?s new TV role has helped her realize she suffers from face blindness. The pregnant ?She?s All That? star plays an FBI agent in drama ?Perception,? and she admits she has learned a lot about neurological behavior while researching her part ? and now she?s convinced she has prosopagnosia.

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