Music News Pop: Selena Gomez Had Another Birthday Party, and Justin Bieber Was There

Wochit 1:25 mins

Selena Gomez's 21st birthday celebrations continued this weekend with a gypsy-themed party and an on-again, off-again flame. Justin Bieber, Derek Hough and Jaden Smith were just some of the famous young faces spotted heading into Gomez's lavish bash in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday night. Nearby photographers caught the Biebs holding a single rose (perhaps for the birthday girl?) after arriving to the party in his leopard print Audi. Lady Gaga isn't chasing any waterfalls with this whole songwriting business. Just a day after TLC announced that the "Born This Way" crooner will be penning new material for their greatest hits album, one of her new songs for the R&B girl group has been leaked on the internet. Titled "Posh Life," the upbeat track basically screams the 90s with self-empowering lyrics that'll look nicely next to "Unpretty." track. For more than 15 years, Matchbox Twenty has been rocking out to sold-out crowds and die-hard fans. With countless hits including "Unwell," "Real World" and ?Bright Lights," the rock band is certainly no stranger to success. But with so much talent and fame, Rob Thomas and his bandmates aren't exactly calling themselves rock stars.

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