Selena Gomez News Pop: Selena Gomez Closes Down Interview Over Bieber Question

by Wochit 1:05 mins

Pop star Selena Gomez cut short an interview with a reporter after he asked about her relationship with troubled singer Justin Bieber. The singer/actress was chatting to correspondent Dean Richards on WGN Entertainment network when he mentioned Bieber?s recent headline-grabbing antics. Selena was seen at Beacher's Madhouse in L.A to pregame her birthday! While most people might want to have a regular night out, Selena and friends instead got VIP seats to see Busty Heart, who's famous for smashing beer cans with her boobs! Selena Gomez is NOT at all dating or even sort of dating Justin Bieber. Phew, that was quite the conundrum wrapped in a pickle boxed in a riddle! After wondering what was going on with these two ? what with their potentially rekindled sparks over the 4th ? it seems it took Ryan Seacrest to get the confirmation all been wanting.When asked if she was still dating the Biebs or not, Selenita said: "No, I?m not." Well, there you have it!

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