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  • 'Idol' Top 7 Recap: Competitors' Picks and Picking on Jessica

    This Wednesday on "American Idol," the unprecedented theme was "Competitors' Picks," meaning the top seven contestants chose songs for each other. The potential for sabotage was great, but everyone played nice. No one picked "Let's Get It On" for reluctant heartthrob Sam Woolf, or "My Humps" for…

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  • Apple, Shazam reportedly working on song discovery for upcoming iOS

    Apple and Shazam are reportedly working together to create a music discovery feature that will be integrated into the next version of the tech giant's iPhone and iPad software.

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  • Pitbull yelling things about basketball over 'Timber' is an NBA Playoffs song

    The NBA Playoffs! (takes poison) You have probably heard the song "Timber" by Pitbull ft. Ke$ha. It sounds ... well ... it sounds exactly like any song with Pitbull and Ke$ha should sound. It's got some Pitbull verses you won't remember and a Ke$ha chorus you can't forget.

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    MONEY: General Motors has created a new organization designed to prevent against defects of its future cars. Starbucks is moving its European headquarters from Amsterdam to London. Neil Young's Pono music player raised more than $6.2 million through crowdfunding.

  • Fans Want to Raise $5 Million to Buy a Single Wu-Tang Clan Album

    Remember the news that Wu-Tang Clan plans to sell one and only one copy of its upcoming album to the highest bidder? Well, now two die-hard fans are happy with that plan, so they have launched a Kickstarter to raise enough money so that they can buy the only copy – and then give it away for…

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  • 'Dream Sushi' and the art of the ringtone

    It’s been years since ringtones were a multimillion-dollar industry, but the medium still has value for James Ferraro. James Ferraro: 100% (designed by Other Means).

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  • Pair of Detroit EDM Festivals Called Off

    Two new electronic music festivals scheduled for July 4th weekend in Detroit have been canceled for this year -- but have already announced dates for 2015.

  • “They Don’t Know Henry”

    Everyone wants to tell Henry Aaron who he is and what he stands for. But as a great new song tells us, They Don't Know Henry.

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  • Apple's iOS 8 Will Let Siri Identify Songs (Report)

    Apple's Siri may soon be able to tell you what catchy song you've been listening to. Rumored for release with iOS 8, the new iPhone feature will reportedly integrate the popular Shazam music identification service. Shazam has been available as a standalone smartphone app for quite some time,…

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  • Spotify moves away from delivering music through peer-to-peer networks

    Spotify has always streamed at least some of its music over peer-to-peer listener networks, helping it deliver music quickly while saving some cash on bandwidth and servers. However, the service is now ...

  • Coachella Boosts Beyonce and Justin Bieber Up Social 50 Chart

    During a slow week on the Social 50 chart, the first weekend of the Coachella festival (April 11-13) in Indio, Calif. spurs some big gains for superstar acts Justin Bieber and Beyonce.

  • 10 Songs to Rock Your Cardio Playlist

    Start sweating to the oldies at the gym, and find out how BPM affects your pace with this classic rock playlist.

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    Ellie Goulding Compares Coachella Vs. "Messy" U.K. Music Festivals On Chelsea Lately

    Ellie Goulding killed it on stage during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., last weekend. Believe it or not, the 27-year-old "Beating Heart" singer was actually under the weather. Appearing on Wednesday's Chelsea Lately Goulding said, "It was good, actually—really good.…

  • AC/DC Frontman Denies They're Quitting, Confirms Member Has 'Debilitating Illness'

    Is it lights out for AC/DC? Not yet, according to frontman Brian Johnson who has confirmed that the band will enter the recording studio next month to "have a plonk" on new songs.

  • Bloomberg: Apple wants to plug Shazam directly into iOS

    It's easy to track down iPhone apps that name catchy tunes, but it now looks like Apple wants to spare you from having to search in the first place. Bloomberg sources claim that a future version of iOS will incorporate Shazam's song recognition in the same way that the existing mobile platform…

  • Concertgoer Claims UB40 Made Her Ear Bleed

    Fans streamed out of one of the reggae band's concerts in the U.K., complaining the bass was so loud it was "altering heart rhythms."

  • iOS 8’s Siri will help you identify any song you hear

    Apple will integrate Shazam song discovery features in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system, Bloomberg reports, in an attempt to further increase iTunes music sales. Shazam integration will be built within iOS 8 in a similar manner to Twitter integration, the publication says, which means…

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  • 10 New Wave Secrets Revealed in Eighties Oral History 'Mad World'

    The hidden history of Morrissey's shirts, Mike Score's hair and Devo's Thomas Pynchon references, as revealed in Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein's new book

    Rolling Stone
  • Mellencamp unhappy with Wisconsin Gov. Walker

    Liberal rocker John Mellencamp wants conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker to know he supports union rights and says Walker should think about that before using his songs on the campaign trail. Politicians ...

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