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Indie Artist Sparks Line-Dancing Craze With Ode To Cowboys

Our Country

Just for fun to start your week with a grin--are you one of those gals (or know a gal) who likes her men in Wranglers and boots (and we don't mean Ashton Kutcher-style)? Here's a crazy tune that should appeal to your senses.

A new artist who goes by Cotton Eye Jane has released a pop-flavored tune called "I Need A Man" which extols the virtues of everything cowboy--including southern drawls, tight jeans, Skoal rings, and farmer's tans. No "skinny boys, rocker boys, or emo boys" for this girl. Nor Lil Wayne or T-Pain (John Wayne makes her cut, however). Here's the song in its entirety for your enjoyment:

It's certainly not serious material--in fact, some may criticize it as being a bit spoofy of the country genre--but it's also sort of infuriatingly catchy. Some ambitious fans have even put together choreography for a line dance to accompany the tune, such as this clip demonstrates:

Haven't heard anything this amusing since Big & Rich urged us all to "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." I'll be interested to see what Cotton Eye Jane comes up with next--and whether she plans to pursue a pop or country direction. Yee haw!

What do you think of this? Be sure to let me know!

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